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Handicapped Power Door Operators - Madison, WI


JK Security
provides swing, slide, and folding door systems that incorporate the latest in automation technology. record-usa products are aesthetically compatible with all types of store front applications while providing for ease of installation and dependable operation.
The persistent effort to incorporate quality materials and craftsmanship has earned the confidence of architects, general contractors, and end users throughout the world. Whether the project is renovation upgrade, new construction, national account or one of a kind, the automatic door systems engineered by record-usa will provide years of dependable service.

Our Products:

8100 and 8200 Series Heavy Duty Swing Door Unit

Electro-Mechanical Swing Door Operators


6100 Series Swinging Doors -

6100 Series Low Energy Swing Door Operator: FULLY COMPLIES WITH ANSI 156.19 FOR POWER ASSIST AND LOW-ENERGY POWER-OPERATED DOORS MEETS ALL AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT OF 1990 REQUIREMENTS é Automatic door technology as you’ve never seen it before! When building design requires a surface applied low energy door operator suitable for medium to high volume traffic, the record-USA 6100 Series is your solution. record-USA’s 6100 series low energy swing door operator eases your selection process by offering all of the features normally found as options, and incorporating them into one self contained unit. In order for a swing door operator to be considered as “low energy” as defined in ANSI 156.19, a “knowing act” activation must be performed. This “knowing act” can be in the form of pushing an activation plate or button, swiping your hand in front of a “touch less push plate” or swiping a card for access control. Due to the opening speed requirements defined within the ANSI standards, the swing door operator is classed as intrinsically safe. Adjustable parameters within the control can determine what to do if an obstruction is sensed and may be independently selectable for the opening and closing cycles. Adjustable parameters within the control also allow adjustment of opening speeds, time open delays, and locking time delays. Even parameters allowing the operator to overcome stack pressure issues are available as standard features. Additional safety sensors are not required on low energy swing door operators under the standard, however, the record-USA’s 6100 swing door control has the ability to incorporate additional safety sensors into your door system should you so desire.

 In today’s competitive marketplace, many manufacturers have reduced the cost of their products by outsourcing components, extrusions and even complete units to Asia and other low cost regions of the world. In many cases, this “cheapening” of the product has led to excessive noise and early component failure. record-usa’s Swiss engineered products give you the lowest power consumption of any swing door operator in its class. This combined with its stylish looks and almost silent operation combine to give you the best value for money low energy swing operator available today.

The record-USA 6100 low energy swing door operator is being used successfully in many diverse applications such as hospital corridors, banks, care facilities, patient rooms, doctors’ offices, restrooms, colleges, schools and libraries to name but a few. record-usa’s 6100 low energy swing door operator allows specifiers, design professionals, owners or maintenance engineers to choose one operator which will cover any eventuality you may have. Please feel free to contact recordusa today for all of your design and entrance needs.


  • 115V, 60HZ, 1-phase –
  • Non-handed operator
  • In-swinging or out-swinging doors
  • Single, pairs or double egress doors
  • Comes with standard push arms- Three different styles of arms available to suit every application
  • on/off/hold open switch with error indication is standard
  • Microprocessor control for accurate repeatability of parameters
  • Surface applied
  • Suitable for Center hung or Butt hung doors
  • Deep reveal applications
  • ADA compliant
  • Capable of moving up to 175 pound door leafs
  • Available in up to 48” single and 96” paired openings
  • Meets ANSI 156.19 requirements when adjusted correctly.
  • Unit is fire rated per UL 228
  • Available clear or dark bronze anodized as standard, custom colors are available (please contact record-USA).
  • Stylish black plastic molded end caps, incorporating switches and error indicators.
  • Uses same hand held programmer as the 8100 Series
  • Electro-mechanical operation
  • Sequences electric strikes and electrified panic devices, with-out the need for extra interfaces.
  • Push to start application, eliminates the need for additional activation accessories and complex field wiring
  • Latch assist function assures doors closing and locking in areas with heavy stack pressure conditions
  • Quick and simplified installation
  • Door open time delay of 2-60 seconds (check minimum hold open requirements in meeting ANSI 156.19)
  • Rounded 4 1/2” x 5” or squared 4 1/2” x 5 1/8” covers available
  • Easily interfaces with all types of access control
  • Lowest Power Consumption in its class

8100 Series -

Heavy Duty Operator Automatic door technology as you’ve never seen it before! A proven planetary gear system in tandem with a perfected lever- system arm assures the smoothest, most quiet operation available without exception. Libraries, doctor offices, and healthcare facilities demand that their daily routines proceed without the common noisy distractions associated with many competitive products.

Eliminate your worry of post install performance by specifying record-usa’s 8100 series without hesitation. Combined with World famed Swiss precision technology and a patented control system with 32 bit processor technology, the 8100 series is powerful and intelligent. The 8100 guarantees rapid and reliable door control performance, even when complex functions are desired.

When programming the 8100 series with record-usa’s available hand held remote you will be greatly impressed with the quick and easy diagnostics and software updates that make field adjustment easy to configure and program. Using state of the art computer chip technology incorporating flash memory, the installing contractor can program multiple entranceways to open and close at the exact same speed with each and every opening. Record-usa’s 8100 series swinging door operator makes everyone’s decision making process simpler in that it truly can be selected for most any application. An ingenious design platform allows each unit to be used on virtually any door configuration including:


  • Right hand or left hand doors
  • Inswinging or outswinging doors
  • Single, pairs or double
  • egress doors
  • Balanced doors
  • Swing clear doors
  • Interior doors
  • Surface applied
  • Center hung doors
  • Butt hung doors
  • Deep reveal applications
  • Libraries, elderly care facilities, universities, hospitality, storefronts
  • Front entrances in retail
  • Meets ANSI A 156.19 requirements when adjusted properly
  • Meets ANSI A 156.10 requirements when adjusted properly
  • Exterior doors
  • Fire rated openings
  • Available clear or dark bronze anodized, custom painted, and clad
  • ADA applications
  • Electric strikes without additional relays or delays
  • Up to 350 pounds per door leaf
  • 30” doors through 96” door openings
  • Push to start applications eliminate the need for additional activation accessories and complex field wiring
  • Latch assist function assures closing in areas with heavy stack conditions commonly associated with doors in air conditioned and heated environments
  • Specify 8200 Series when a squared header is desired.
  • Brake Feature
An optional feature for the 8000 series Swing Door Operator systems is an internal clutch/ brake to maintain door position at the full-open and/ or full closed position(s). This electro-mechanical unit is integrated within the encoder assembly and will hold door position with 90 ft -lbs. torque. If forces are applied to the door which exceeds this force, the clutch feature of the unit will allow rotation without physical damage to the operator.  

Arm Options The Standard Arm Assembly, 9-80-0010-CL, will work in out swing (push) applications up to a 12” reveal, and in swing (pull) applications Up to a 6” reveal. The Slide Track Arm Assembly, 9-80-0012-CL, will work in out swing (push) applications up to a 3” reveal, and in swing (pull) applications up to a 6” reveal. The Offset Arm Adapter, 9-80-0011-CL, can be used with the above Slide Track Arm Assembly to provide a solution for special applications, such as center-pivoted doors with breakout capability, or double-egress installations using a continuous header.  

Extended Reveal Applications will require an extension of the secondary (adjustable) arm portion of the Standard Arm Assembly. This is accomplished by combining two secondary arm assemblies. Reveals of up to 24”are possible.

Handicapped Power Door Operators from Record & JK Security of Madison, WI
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