Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How much does a Radon Mitigation System Cost? - RSOW


It’s important to us here at radon Solutions of Wisconsin to educate our friends, family, and neighbors about the dangers of Radon Gas and why it’s important to have their homes tested. We get a variety of questions but one of the first is normally “How much does a Radon Mitigation System Cost?”. So we’ve decided to give our fellow Wisconsinite’s a little more detail beyond our standard answer of “It really depends, if you have a moment can I ask you some questions about your house?”. The fact of the matter is every house from Madison to Dodgeville, to Sun Prairie are all different and without having these important details below, we can’t accurately answer that question.
Here are some of the main questions our team of Licensed Radon Gas Experts at Radon Solutions of Wisconsin ask when determining the price of your Radon Mitigation System installation.
  • Have you tested your house? If the answer is yes, where was it tested and what is the radon level?
  • How old is your house or commercial property?
  • Does your house or business  have a finished or unfinished basement? Does the home have a partially finished basement or is it built on a slab?
  • Does your home’s basement have a sump pump or sump crock?
  • Does your home or business’s basement have a french or perimeter drain?
  • Does your house have an addition with a crawlspace under it?

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