Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Radon Mitigation System Repair & Service Company In Madison - Radon Solutions of WI


Peace of Mind. Through these cold winter months most Madison home owners rarely open there windows and doors allowing fresh air in. The problem with that is if your home has questionable radon gas levels and you’re unaware of it, you’re trapping in that gas while putting yourself and your family in danger. You’re not going to smell or see Radon Gas so it’s important to take the time to schedule a Radon Test to assure that your home is safe this winter. 
Radon Solution’s of Wisconsin offer’s very affordable and accurate residential and commercial Radon Gas Testing throughout Madison, the Greater Dane, Dodge, Jefferson, Green, Grant, and Iowa County areas. Whether it’s the first time you’ve had your home tested for radon or you’re having your home tested to assure your current radon mitigation system is working properly, our team of radon gas technicians at Radon Solutions of Wisconsin will provide you with detailed test results so you will know your family is safe.


Does your home currently have a Radon Mitigation System? Maybe you just purchased the home or you’ve been in the property for years. The reality is this, like humans, technology is also not perfect and problems can arise over time with radon reduction systems. 
We recommend Madison homeowners have their systems serviced once every two years to assure the unit is properly removing radon from your home or business. Radon Solutions of Wisconsin provides detailed service checks for all types Radon Mitigation Systems so please don’t wait to schedule your Radon Check-Up. We’re here to help!

Madison's Auto Customization Experts - Tint, Remote Start, Xpel, & More

The Tint Factory is a full service Car Stereo, Video, Auto Tint, Security, Remote Starters, and Custom Electronics Sales and Installation company located on Madison Wisconsin's east side.
Here at the Tint Factory our #1 goal is to provide you with the best product to fit your auto customization goals along with the highest level of service and installation you've ever experienced.

Our expert installers specialize in everything from full custom fabrication to plain out standard stereo installation DONE RIGHT! It doesn’t matter if you have a Ferrari or a Ford, Dinali or a Pontiac, the Tint Factory is Madison's #1 auto customization company for a reason!

Our staff knows that what we deal with is fun, and many shops forget that, but not us! We don't just specialize in cars and trucks either. From Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Boats, Toy Haulers, and even Residential & Commercial Window Tinting. Our selection includes the top brand names in the industry, Alpine, Audiovox, 3M Window Tint, Compustar, Escort, NAV-TV, WeatherTech, Xpel Clear Bra, and more. Just looking for installation? 

The Tint Factory will gladly install your pre-owned product as well. If you have any special requests, just ask one of our highly trained specialists.

Make sure to browse our wide range of services and let us know if you have questions. You can visit the Tint Factory at: 4001 Felland Rd Ste 103, Madison, WI 53718, call us at: (608) 819-8282, or even ask a question online here.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Curious about Laser Tattoo Removal? Adieu Tattoo Removal has Madison & Milwaukee Offices


laser tattoo removal places madison milwaukee

We all know tattoos can be a beautiful and artful expression of ourselves as individuals.  But as our lives change, sometimes regret about a tattoo may take over.  Whether it is due to a new career path we have choosen, a poor decision we made or even a badly done tattoo there is now a new technology that will help you erase unwanted tattoos and pigment.
PicoSure Tattoo Removal is the newest technology on the market.  PicoSure is the most advanced laser treatment available for safe and effective tattoo removal.  PicoSure targest unwanted ink more effectively than ever before, successfully breaking down even difficult ink colors such as green and blue, as well as previously treated tattoos.  PicoSure allows fewer treatments, improved recovery time and faster results. 

Need more info? Find it here. Adieu Tattoo Removal in Madison & Milwaukee offers FREE Laser Tattoo Removal Consultations. To Schedule please call (844) 754-6465 or visit them online at: http://www.adieutattooremoval.com

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bliss Float Spa in Madison Opening in February - First Float Special!

Bliss Spa & Float on Madison’s West Side Opening Soon


Have you floated or do you know what floating is? If not you’re truly missing out on the greatest relaxation and healing technique known to man. 

Many believe Flotation Therapy is new however it’s actually not. It was originally developed in the 1950s to explore and experiment with consciousness. Technically, floating is referred to as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy. Basically, floating takes place in a neutral environment (a float pod) that blocks out external stimuli such as noise, temperature, sight and smell.  Each float pod contains 1,000 pounds of high-grade Epson salt dissolved in 12 inches of water maintained at body temperature. The density of the water makes your body extremely buoyant, creating a zero-gravity environment which makes floating effortless.

The combination of sensory deprivation along with being immersed in a totally relaxed state creates a perfect environment to achieve many health benefits on its own. Now add in the healing effects of high-grade Epson salts and you have a super-charged remedy that allows you to:

– Relax & relieve stress                                 – Eliminate chronic back pain
– Enhance mediation                                    – Boost your mood!
– Relieve & prevent migraines                    – Treat PTSD & depression
– Detox your body                                         – Relieve arthritis & joint pain
– Speed injury & sports recovery               – Alleviate muscle pain
– Exfoliate & soften skin                              – Improve bone health

Today in Sweden, where patients can be referred to a float tank center by their doctor or employer, there are more tanks per person than anywhere else in the world. Recently people in the United States have discovered floating and are flocking in vast numbers to take advantage of this wildly popular and beneficial practice. Even NFL teams like the New England Patriots and college teams such as Ohio State Buckeyes have their players float. Floating keeps players on the field helping to speed recovery and relieve pain.

So where can you float in Madison? The answer is Bliss Spa & Float, conveniently located off the Beltline at Whitney Way on Madison’s west side just a pitching wedge away from Vitense Golfland. Bliss Spa & Float opens February 1st, 2017 and you can find us at 26 Schroeder Ct #116 Madison, WI 53711. Featuring 5 state-of-the-art float pods, each with its own custom built room and personal shower providing the perfect environment for relaxation and healing. Whether you’ve floated before or you’ll be trying it for the first time, give Bliss Spa & Float a try. Located next to Total Body Laser Skin Care you’ll find our staff is friendly, helpful, and excited to get you started with your float experience. Take better care of yourself… naturally.

Oh and don’t forget…Please mention this post when scheduling by phone: (844) 754-6772 or online: blissspaandfloat.com and get your first 60 Minute float for only $49.99!