Monday, September 28, 2015

Photo Facial Treatment & Pigmented Lesion Removal


TBLSC's Laser Photo Facial Treatments are fast and painless! Pigmented lesions come in many forms but are most commonly are known as moles.  Pigmented lesions are basically an over proliferation of melanocytes cells within the top layers of skin tissue.  Melanocytes are melanin producing cells located in the epidermis.  Melanin is what gives skin its color.  Basically it is skin pigment.

Our body can overproduce melanin and leave deposits as a response to damage caused by the sun or environment.  Some pigmented lesions are just part of our genetic code and will occur naturally with age.  The appearance of pigmented lesions usually progresses with age with increased numbers and size.  Hormonal changes such as those caused by pregnancy  can also create pigment deposits in the skin.

Pigmented lesions can be treated very effectively with lasers without pain or downtime.  Basically the laser damages the pigment cells and your body exfoliates the damaged cells externally or absorbs them internally.  Similar to the way our body clears a bruise.

This was a whole face procedure and it took about 20 minutes.  It is painless and she was able to go back to work right after treatment.  It is important to note that the pigment will darken as a result of the damage created by the laser.  Basically you will look worse before you look better.  It can take up to 3 weeks for the darkened pigment to clear and we would recommend a couple of treatments to clear most pigment depending on how severe it is.

After pigment is cleared we recommend maintenance once or twice a year to keep things looking great.  The use of sun block is recommended to help prevent sun damage.  Treatments start at $50.

Total Body Laser Skin Care has conveniently located offices in both Madison and Brookfield.  Please call them today at 844-935-2737 or book your FREE Consultation Online.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Diamond and Gemstone Restyling Event at Diny's Jewelers

One day only, Fall Diamond and Gemstone

Restyling Event

We are willing to bet that in your jewelry box you have at least one or two pieces that hold a special sentimental value to you.  These are pieces you would never think about parting with, even with gold prices as high as they are right now.  But…it is also jewelry that you would ever wear either.  And that is okay. Jewelry is subject to changing just like everything else does.

The good news it that at the heart of every piece of fine old jewelry is a diamond or gemstone.  They never go out of style! On Saturday September 26th, bring your sentimental jewelry to Diny’s Jewelers and let us reset your diamonds and gemstones in a brand new, stylish setting.  Saturday Sept. 26th is our one-day-only, very special, Restyling Event.

Don’t let your most beloved jewelry just sit there!  Wait and watch in store as we transform your old jewelry into new pieces for you.  Since you already own the most expensive part of a new ring or pendent you’ll be surprised how affordable this can be.  Come to Diny’s Jewelers and let us turn your precious old jeweler into something new that you want to wear again, during our Restyling Event.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

A one carat diamond, it’s less than you think!

Engagement Ring Special
It’s the thing that She’s been dreaming of since She was a little girl. Having a beautiful one carat diamond is a dream You can afford to make come true for Her. The best part is that at Diny’s it costs less than you think, less than your monthly car payment, and will be paid off in only 36 months!

It’s a gift that will last Her forever and one that she will always carry around with her. No other gift receives as much admiration as Her engagement ring. Fulfill Her dreams at Diny’s Jewelers Madison WIsconsin in Middleton; with credit approval You can afford to get Her a one carat diamond for less than $99 a month. Why a diamond? A diamond is the most emotional gift you can give a woman. It is the only gift that can be passed though several generations of a family and have the it look the same for every owner.

A one carat diamond is a rare find; it takes 1 million diamonds mined, of gem quality to find just a single one carat diamond. Only 20% of the diamonds that come out of the ground are considered gem quality. Close to 250 tons of earth needs to be moved in order to find Your one carat diamond. To find even rarer diamonds like a 2 carat it takes 5 million diamonds to find just one.. Roughly 80% of all diamonds that are found are under ¼ of a carat.

Other than Her, there is nothing more beautiful than a diamond that will forever be part of your life.

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