Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Best Wisconsin T-Shirt Yet!



Get Ready For Wisconsin Badger Football

A parody of the 1970's Budweiser jingle "When You Say WIS-CON-SIN, You've Said it All" is a relatively new staple at all sporting events while fans dance the polka.  

With our most recent ranking as the Nations #1 Binge Drinking State along with consistently ranking in the top of multiple polls as the Best Party School, we decided to bring this jingle back to its roots.  No matter where you are in the country, mention Wisconsin and everyone almost immediately wants to talk about how much we drink.  

As a Wisconsinite we always have a story along with the attitude that we can down just about any drink out there.  So at the next tailgate, grab a cold one and you may just find yourself singing "When You Say WIS-CON-SIN, You've DRANK It All."