Monday, June 1, 2015

How Does Laser Hair removal Work?

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Before the Procedure
What should you do before a laser hair removal procedure?

Schedule a consultation.
Feel confident that laser hair removal is for you.

If you decide you want in on this permanent solution for unwanted hair, the first step is to schedule a consultation. Speaking with a laser technician will answer any questions you may have about the hair removal procedure, although we wouldn’t be surprised if this article answers them all for you too. The technician will also review your medical history, address any concerns, and discuss what is expected during and after the in-office treatment. The two of you will talk about the amount of time the procedure is estimated to take and discuss the number of treatments recommended to reach your treatment goal.

Once you have an understanding of our laser hair removal service, the next step is to come in for your first laser treatment!

During the Procedure
What can I expect during my procedure?

Trimming of the area
Customized Elite Laser system settings
A laser hair removal treatment using advanced technology
Application of cooling gel

A first time for anything can be scary, but not if you know what to expect. When you come into Total Body Laser Center for your first hair removal procedure, the laser technician will begin by trimming the area so that the hair ends just above the skin. After a short trimming of your hair, the technician will apply a small amount of cooling gel to your skin as a method of preparation before picking up the handheld laser.

The technician will then adjust the settings of the wavelength produced by the laser before application based on your hair color, thickness, location and skin tone. Once the correct settings are applied and the laser is activated, it’s time to zap those hair follicles so that they’re gone forever!
The hair removal process begins as the laser sends pulses of a highly concentrated beam of light down to the root of your hair follicles, where the beginning of hair growth originates. The pigment in each hair follicle then absorbs the light sent from the laser, causing damage to the follicle and eventually stopping the cycle of hair growth.

After the entire area is treated with the Elite systems laser, this life-changing procedures ends with an application of cooling gel that helps reduce any feelings of discomfort.

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