Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cut The Cord! - Commercial Fire Alarm Solutions

J&K Security Solutions is an AES-IntelliNet distributor


*AES-IntelliNet is a proprietary, two-way, wireless alarm communications system that provides significant performance and cost benefits over traditional telephone, radio tower or cellular-based alarm communications systems.



AES-IntelliNet, the industry leader in delivering high quality wireless alarm communications to the fire and security industry for commercial, corporate, government, and educational applications with its broad line of products and advances network management tools. Users of AES-IntelliNet networks have gained significant revenue, communications, and cost advantages while meeting the high standards of reliability required for the fire and security industry. AES alarm monitoring systems are deployed in hundreds of thousands of locations in over 50 countries.

Wireless Mesh Benefits:

The results are that a wireless mesh network provides more reliability, more redundancy and faster signal transmission than any wired or wireless network technology available. 

Furthermore, since the monitoring transceivers themselves make up the network negating the need for radio towers, the network is self enrolling and managing negating the need for real radio engineering expertise, and the fact that there are no monthly fees paid to a network operator to maintain this network, a wireless mesh network offers the lowest cost of ownership possible.

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