Tuesday, November 26, 2013

911 call from Hammersley Road shooting released – Security News

Call shows call taker understands situation described by wife

Published On: Nov 25 2013 07:25:46 PM CST Updated On: Nov 25 2013 07:45:44 PM CST


Emergency call from Hammersley Road shooting shows clear understanding between Charles Carll’s wife and communications center call taker. News 3 previously reported that a shooting on Hammersley Road in August stemmed from a miscommunication somewhere between the 911 center and officers that ultimately led to the death of 59-year-old Carll. The 911 operator appeared to understand what Carll's wife was saying -- that Carll was injured from a self-inflicted knife wound, and that she was trying to get him help. But officers arriving at the scene thought it was a domestic dispute and shot Carll after he charged police and being hit with a Taser failed to subdue him. Full 911 call Carll’s wife’s panic and concern can be heard in the 911 call. She does have an accent, but it was clear that her husband was depressed and had threatened to hurt himself before. During the call she was watching her husband pace through the backyard while he was bleeding. Jeff Scott Olson, the family’s attorney, said they will look at whether to file suit after the police have finished their investigation. “She was absolutely clear that her husband was severely depressed, and had a knife in the backyard for the purpose of harming himself and nobody else. She was clearly understood by the call taker because the call taker promised we will get him the help he needs,” Olson said. Olson said he is expecting the police investigation to wrap up any day, and the key element will be hearing the conversation between the dispatcher and police. Earlier this month the three Madison police officers involved in the shooting were cleared for their use of deadly force and allowed to return back to work.
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