Wednesday, November 25, 2015

1 Million Dollars In Diamonds

Wait To Buy Your Diamonds???

A Million Dollar in DiamondsWhat were about to tell you might make us sound crazy, but if you’re getting ready to buy a diamond WAIT. Don’t buy anything yet. Not until December 3rdDiny’s Jewelers is bringing to our store One Million Dollars worth of the most beautiful diamonds you’ve ever seen. A million dollars worth of gorgeous diamonds all in one place and at one time.
We will have all shapes and sizes for you to choose from, round diamonds, oval diamonds, marquise diamonds, princess cut diamonds and more. Including fancy colored diamonds. All the way from the very affordable to diamonds you only dream about…and we have payment plans available for all of them.

If you’re even thinking about buying a diamond you won’t want to miss this one day event, Thursday December 3rd, only at Diny’s Jewelers.

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