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Green Home Theater System News

Go Green With Your Home Theater System
Using less power is en vogue in all parts of the country and the world of home theater and audiophile products is no exception. Today’s uber-thin HDTVs use many times less power than plasma HDTVs from just a few years ago. Audiophile Class-D switching amps (known as digital amps) use far less power than Class-A audiophile amps from the past. Single ended triode (SET) audiophile electronics are also easy on the power. Lighting control systems help curb the use of AC power in modern home theater media rooms. If you are looking for creative ideas and products to help save power, use less harmful materials and be more kind to the environment – you have come to the right news archive on (more…)

Home Theater Media Server News

Home Theater Media Server News
From Apple TV to Squeezebox to Transporters to Sooloos to Kaleidescape servers – most modern home theater and audiophile systems now run on some form of media server or computer. The developments in this category come fast and furious. If you want to stay on top of the latest trends, news and press releases in the world of MP3, music download, server products, iPod docks, iPads and beyond – then this page here on is for you
Dish Network Delivers Hopper App For PS3/PS4

By Now PS3 and PS4 can control the Dish Network Hopper via a new app. “Virtual Joey” gives users the ability to record and watch live TV on their Sony gaming machines just as easily as those using Dish’s DVR, nicknamed… Read More

Blu-ray Player News – AV Gear Best Performance Tips

Blu-ray players are the king of the hill these days when it comes to home theater components that spin silver discs. Today’s Blu-ray players come with Wi-Fi connectivity, frequent firmware updates, streaming capabilities, BD-Live, 3D playback, HDMI 1.4 connections, RS-232 control and so much more. To keep up on the latest news about the top performing Blu-ray players from the likes of Oppo, Sony, Samsung, Vizio, Yamaha, Denon, NAD, Cambridge Audio, Onkyo and so many other brands.

Is Your AV Gear Set Up to Deliver the Best Performance?
By: Adrienne Maxwell, November 4, 2013


AV Dealers & Installers in Madison

New 4K Certification Program From Crestron
By:, February 7, 2014
As 4K looms large in the A/V world, one of the biggest issues faced is deciding on standardized formats and regulations to ensure that the transition is smooth. To that end Crestron has introduced a certification program that will help manufacturers make sure that their products meet the guidelines Crestron has set forth.  (more…)

Home Theater News, Consumer Electronics News and Reviews

The Best In Home Theater News, Equiptment, and Installation At Your Fingertips
Read the latest news about home theater, audiophile, HDTV, 3D and Blu-ray topics on This is a complete list of everything news for topics like AV receivers, AV preamps, bookshelf speakers, floorstanding speakers, LED HDTVs, 3D HDTVs, LED HDTVs, LEC HDTVs, 1080 HD projectors, Front video projectors, 2k video projectors, 4k video projectors, Compact Disc players, DACs, USB DACs, Apple products, AppleTV, in-wall speakers, on-wall speakers, home theater news, AV instruct trade news, record players, vinyl, 24-96 news, HD download news, home theater PCs (HTPCs), home theater forums, 3D glasses, headphones, iPods, iPad reviews, DVD-Audio, SACD, DTS CDs, HDMI and much more.

3D HDTV Updates & News

3D TV To Make A Come Back?
By:, February 22, 2014
Despite most of the big names in television all but abandoning their hopes that 3D would be a driving force behind people’s television purchases, there appears to be some good news on the horizon for stereoscopic fans. A new report by Research and Markets claims the global flat panel market will increase 15.4 percent from 2013-2018. Some of this resurgence seems to be attributed to the rise of 4K technology, which is able to display more convincing and less headache-inducing 3D effects than 1080p was able to. But mainly the rise is attributed to 3D gaming, which has increased in popularity so much that manufacturers have taken notice and begun manufacturing and upgrading 3D TVs to keep up with the trend. (more…)

4K Ultra HD TV & Projector

House of Cards Now Streaming In 4K
By:, May 1, 2014
Well, the onslaught of 4K Ultra HD TV at CES 2014 is finally starting to bear some fruit. Netflix exclusive (and critical fave) House of Cards is now streaming in 4K. It’s still not perfect, as there are compression artifacts, but it’s still a big boost for the struggling tech as it finally gives people a way to get content outside of Sony’s proprietary player. (more…)

Moviefone update adds TV show listings, streaming search

Though the Internet finally pushed Moviefone’s famous-yet-obsolete call service out of business earlier this year, AOL’s nostalgia-inducing call-in showtime directory hasn’t yet thrown in the flag. This morning, frequenters of the Moviefone website/blog were greeted with a new blue user interface and a post introducing the company’s fresh re-branding effort, which includes updated mobile apps and a new framework that now includes search functions for both movies and TV – episode listings, cast information, air times, and curated Watch Lists are just some of the new offerings.The dedicated page for Scandal has listings for every episode across three seasons. Clicking the “Watch Now” button next to each episode triggers a drop-down menu with availability and pricing across multiple mediums: for Scandal, there are HD, SD, and HD+ versions of the show available on Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, YouTube, and Netflix, with prices ranging from $2 to $3 per episode. Clicking one of the options takes you directly to the streaming service’s page for the respective  movie or episode.
Moviefone’s blog post also included a link to its page for Marvel’s The Avengers as an additional example showing off the new search function. The page included an embedded Rotten Tomatoes score, cast and credits, 10 critic reviews and 150+ fan reviews, related news, trailers and clips, and viewing choices ranging from a free HD version available with an Epix account, to $24 HD and $18 SD purchase options via Best Buy’s Cinema Now service.
According to the blog post, Moviefone’s updated mobile app is good to go for Android, but the iPhone and iPad versions aren’t quite ready yet – the company says it’s “just making sure experience is camera-ready,” and that it “is coming later today.”
Apparently, Moviefone is on the prowl for the new voice to greet film and TV fans alike. If you think you could provide the iconic voice for the new Moviefone, text “STAR” to 265265 for more information.
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Theaters – Madison Showtimes & Reviews

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2, one of comic-books’ most popular and cinematically reliable heroes is back in action. Perhaps a little cynicism has seeped into the franchise, what with it being rebooted so soon after Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s perfectly acceptable trilogy, but Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield have maintained the spirit of the character and instilled his universe with intense stakes and emotion. And lots and lots of backstory. And lots and lots of character seeds for future sequels and sidequels. But I digress. (more…)

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