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Radon Mitigation System Installation & Crawlspaces - Madison, WI Home Tutorial - Video #2

Crawlspace Radon Mitigation by Wisconsin Radon Services

Phase two of the crawlspace involves making sure the plastic is covering the crawlspace fill material (dirt, sand, gravel etc). Close attention should be paid to any columns, pillars, sewer pipes, water lines etc to ensure the gas wont find an easy escape route from under the plastic into the open air of the crawlspace (then into breathable areas).

Care must also be taken that any seams within the crawlspace are properly sealed as well. The plastic is pulled up along the walls and secured with concrete “smacks” or other anchors. Please see the third video for further explanation of the sealing process. Haven't watched Crawlspace Radon Mitigation Video #1 yet? You can view it here.

FAQ...Crawlspaces or Crawl Spaces, no matter how you spell it can be very difficult areas the prep for Radon Mitigation. Homes and Businesses in Madison, Wisconsin Dells, Janesville, Beaver Dam, and across all of Southern Wisconsin have very different crawl spaces requiring different a preparation and installation process.

Wisconsin Radon Services are a Licensed and Insured Radon Contractor focusing on Radon Testing, Radon Mitigation System Installation, and Radon Mitigation System Service and Repair.
Please check out the video below and visit us for more Radon related tips, tricks, and FAQ's at Wisconsin Radon

City of Madison 10yr Smoke Detector Warning - Be an informed home owner


Smoke detector facts from J&K Security Solutions...Maybe you haven't realized yet but, the 10-year cycle on required smoke alarms is upon us. It was the spring of 2009 that the original ordinance went into place. In speaking with Kidde, they said at the 10 year mark the smoke alarms will start chirping continually until replaced. 

We here at J&K Security Solutions would like to be part of your ongoing safety regarding this situation. We would like to help with the coordination and sale of the replacement units, before the old ones start chirping. We will offer the 10-year smoke detector in quantities of 100 or more at special pricing. Please contact Jeff Beckmann, at, or 608-663-2106 for more info.

Below you'll find the full press release from the city of Madison:

In March 2009, the Madison Common Council approved a change to the smoke alarm ordinance PDF in the City of Madison. The changes are highlighted below:

All residential buildings within the City of Madison, with the exception of owner-occupied single-family homes, shall have smoke alarms in place which meet one of the following requirements:

• Hardwired smoke alarm with a battery backup. Currently-installed hardwired smoke alarms with no battery backup shall be allowed to remain in service until such time as the device must be replaced in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, no smoke alarm shall remain in service longer than ten years.

• Smoke alarm powered by a non-replaceable, non-removable battery capable of powering the alarm for a minimum of ten years.

All residential buildings within the City of Madison, with the exception of owner-occupied single-family homes, shall have smoke alarms installed in the following areas:

  1.  In each bedroom
  2. In each sleeping area
  3. Within six feet of each door leading to a bedroom or sleeping area of each unit
  4.  On each floor of the building
All owner-occupied single-family residences shall install smoke alarms that meet the criteria for this ordinance.

All smoke alarms installed shall be installed in accordance with all applicable state building codes and NFPA 72 (current edition).

The owner of any residential building shall replace the battery in hardwired smoke alarms that meet the criteria of this ordinance each time the lease is renewed or as recommended by the manufacturer, whichever time is shorter.

Fire safety education is required for all tenants. Upon each new lease, and at least once every 12 months for continuing tenants, the owner shall provided tenants with fire safety educational materials as provided by the Madison Fire Department.

Disclaimer: This merely highlights parts of the approved ordinance and does not cover it in its entirety. The Madison Fire Department thanks you for your help in making the City of Madison a safer place to live.


Please contact Jeff Beckmann,, or 608-663-2106 for more info.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

CHOOSING A RADON CONTRACTOR - Wisconsin Radon Services in Madison


Is this a Certified Radon Contractor?

Wisconsin Does NOT require a contractor is certified to install radon systems. Many are not. Don't be fooled by the person who says, I've been doing it for 10 years,” when you ask if he/she is certified.

SEE WALL OF SHAME for systems installed by non certified companies, plumbers, builders and do-it-yourselfers. See Wisconsin Department of Health Services for current Certified Contractor Listings.

Be Weary Of Quick Estimates

Every house can be different. Be careful of a website that boasts a set price per installation. If speaking to a contractor ask if its an ESTIMATE or a QUOTE. Get it in writing. An experienced contractor can give and accurate quote in about 10 minutes over the phone if the correct clarifying questions are asked. They should be comfortable answering questions.


Some Radon companies don't include electrical (or tell you unless you ask) and you will need to hire an electrician once they are done. This could cost a few hundred extra dollars from that original bid.

Where Should The System Go?

A good combination of functionality and cosmetics is important. Most Radon contractors are radon-SEE WALL OF SHAME).
contractor-beaver-damn-wisconsin not certified/licensed in electrical and will direct where the system is placed based on existing outdoor outlets or install systems with little electrical code knowledge (i.e. passing extension cords through exterior walls, not installing disconnects to service Radon fans and improper waterproofing of outdoor components -

Where Is The Contractor Located?

Some may advertise they are, “in your area” but are using creative marketing to get your business. Ask questions. These become important if there are any follow up trips necessary. What if the fan goes out in a year? Where will they be coming from to replace it? Many of the common Radon fan manufacturers contain 1-5 year warranties. If the contractor is driving from Milwaukee to Madison it could become an issue.

What Are You Paying For?

A contractor should be able to explain the Radon System Components to you ie: make and model of the Radon fans being used (to include energy consumption, (yearly / monthly) wattage etc, what size and schedule of PVC pipe being used, the type of system indoor/outdoor - Active Soil Depressurization and how it works. What happens to the system in cold weather? Is there a trip charge within five years of the fan going out? Is there a warranty/guarantee included? Does it transfer between owners?

Final Check

Check their website. Does it look professional? Are there reviews? Facebook and Google can offer good checkpoints for reviews. Read at least 10-15 reviews, a pattern should develop. A contractor should be personable and professional and not pressure you into setting a date for installation. DON'T FEEL RUSHED OR PRESSURED. CALL WISCONSIN RADON SERVICES AT (608) 279-7853 FOR MORE INFORMATION

Please give us call at (608) 279-7853 for a certified test today or simply fill out our online contact form by clicking the button below and we'll get right back to you. Make sure to mention this ad to take advantage of our $25.00 Off limited time coupon.

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IS YOUR HOME RADON WINTERIZED? Wisconsin Radon Services of Madison

Radon Gas contained within the soil is the main cause of radon buildup within your home. 
This is because the air pressure inside your home is typically lower than the air pressure in the soil outside your home.  This difference in air pressure creates a vacuum inside your home pulling the Radon Gas from the soil outside.

During the winter time the ground freezes around your home allowing less gas to escape through the soil into the air.  This is one main reason why radon levels can be higher within your home during the winter time.  With higher levels within your home, and people spending more time indoors during the winter months (with windows and doors closed) the exposure to the cancer causing gas is greater. Therefore it's paramount to have your home tested before the winter months and assure your home's Radon levels are safe.

In fact, homes without a Radon System should be tested every five years at a minimum.  Homes with a Radon System should be tested every two years (EPA) recommended.  Soil conditions can change around your home.  Radon levels fluctuate.  The only way to be sure of what you and your family are breathing in is to have a Radon Test performed by a Certified Radon Professional.

Friday, July 13, 2018

PROJECT: Residential Radon Mitigation System Repair - Fitchburg, Wisconsin Radon Services LLC

This Fitchburg, Wisconsin homeowner reached out Wisconsin Radon Services LLC last month extremely concerned that the previous Radon Mitigation Contractor they hired did not correctly install their Mitigation System. What many property owners don't realize is that your Radon Mitigation System won't effectively reduce the radon levels throughout your home or business unless it's properly installed, specific to your house.

This inspection will show you first hand why it's very important to hire a certified and licensed radon mitigation company whether your testing for radon, installing a new system, or in this case, repairing a radon mitigation system. Please click on any image below to view a larger display.


    Hire a certified radon mitigation system contractor in madison wisconsin
  • The bottom of the pipe ends 8" above the basement floor. The mitigator (who is still in business) put a plastic screen over the bottom of the pipe.
  • The fan is inside the basement. 
  • There is no riser outside the house. The pipe goes through the rim board and exhausts directly outside at ground level. 
It's very important to hire a Certified and Licensed Radon Mitigation Contractor because these situations are extremely dangerous. If you would like to see additions pictures and information regarding this project please click here, and if you would like view our Radon Mitigation System Installation Wall of Shame Gallery you can find that here.

Wisconsin Radon Services LLC

5 Reasons to Use a Local Mortgage Professional in Madison, WI - Mortgage Adice from Stampfli Mortgage

National online mortgage ads are popping up all over the place. They pay big bucks to stay at the top of the food chain. Catchy commercials, online ads, billboards, magazine ads and mailers all boasting to be the best. More and more big-box lenders brag about being the easiest, fastest, cheapest and so on.

A lot of us like doing things at a time that’s convenient for us rather than trying to work around banker’s hours. And there’s nothing wrong with convenience…especially when you couple it with a local presence, quick turnaround times and low interest rates. Whether you’re looking for face to face interactions or not, here are 5 reasons to seek out a local mortgage provider.

Reason #1 – Local mortgage companies have a better understanding of the local market.

Would you hire a real estate agent out of New York to find you a home in rural Wisconsin? I suppose you could. An agent could set up showings, offer advice, email an offer to the seller’s agent from anywhere. But, how well would he or she understand the neighborhood? What about the school district? Would your out of state agent know about the volatility of the local market or pricing trends?

The same is true of your home loan professional. You could receive good service from a lender located across the country. But, a local mortgage advisor is going to have a much better understanding of the local market. What may be important to an individual buying a condo in Manhattan, may be very different from a family purchasing a three-bedroom ranch in Manitowoc. Working with someone who understands that rural areas qualify for additional loan programs may save you a lot of money.

Reason #2 – You control the competitive edge.

When large companies in any industry spend millions of dollars on marketing, they gain the competitive edge. Extensive marketing brings in a high volume of consumers. This heavy flow of traffic allows the big lenders to be more selective about their clients. The focus is more on quantity versus quality. After all, if you decide to go elsewhere; another customer will likely take your place shortly.

 Smaller, local companies don’t generally have the resources for expensive marketing campaigns. In this case, you (the customer), gains the competitive edge. Your local mortgage professional will try to win you over by giving great customer service. Your mortgage advisor will work hard to find you the very best interest rate and closing cost options. A local mortgage company will focus more on quality than quantity. Each and every potential customer is important, and your loan officer will compete for your business.

Read the other 3 reason reasons to use your local Mortgage Expert here, or visit Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, August 7, 2017

How To Hide a Radon Pipe by Wisconsin Radon Services LLC

Radon Mitigation System Installation can be tricky at times but with the right planning and attention to detail, anything is possible. In this Madison area home we were limited for installation locations which meant one way or another we would have a radon pipe running through the homes living area. The family previously spoke to another company who indicated they would not be able to hide the pipe and that's when they called Wisconsin Radon Services LLC.

Upon meeting with the homeowner we mapped out the property and came to the conclusion we imbed the pipe within this shelving unit concealing it significantly more than if it was simply installed out in plain site. The Mitigation Installation as a whole entailed a 60' crawl through in an attic on a hot day but it was well worth the extra time and our customer was extremely happy with the results you see here.

Wisconsin Radon Services LLC specializes in Radon Testing, Radon Mitigation System Installation, and Radon Mitigation System Service and Repair. Our team of Radon Technicians are Certified and Insured so you can expect the job to be done right the first time. We service Madison, Sun Prairie, Janesville, Dodgeville, and most of Southern Wisconsin including Milwaukee. Have a question? Please let us know how we can help!